Terms & Conditions

These Sales Rules apply to individuals who intend to purchase goods from the terra-biona.com online store.

The Buyer fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of these Rules when placing an Order on the Website of the online store by putting a mark in the column “I have read (I) and agree to the rules of the site” when placing an Order, or by making a call to the Seller by phone indicated on the website https: //terra-biona.com/kontakty when placing an Order by phone.


Buyer – an individual who places an Order on the terra-biona.com Website or by phone indicated on the Website, who purchases the Goods solely for personal, family, household and other needs not related to entrepreneurial activity, or an individual specified in the Order as the recipient of the Goods.

Seller – a company that sells Goods and / or services, the description of which is presented on the Seller’s Website – terra-biona.com.

Website – an Internet site that hosts the terra-biona.com online store. Website Address: https://terra-biona.com.

Goods – goods offered by the Seller for purchase by the Buyer through the terra-biona.com online store and placed in the corresponding section of the online store as a reference for reference.

Order – a duly executed Buyer’s application for the purchase and delivery of the Goods to the address indicated by him, placed in the appropriate section of the Site or communicated by the Buyer to the Seller by phone indicated on the website.


2.1 These rules govern the relationship between the Seller and the Buyer for the Seller to sell the Goods to the Buyer through the terra-biona.com online store, determine the procedure for the sale, payment, return of the Goods. Information about the Seller and details are specified in clause 8 of these Rules.

2.2 The Seller posts on the Site information on the Goods offered for sale, other information related to the activities of the terra-biona.com online store.

2.3 This offer to conclude a contract of sale of the Goods is valid until the Seller posts on the Site a message about the cancellation of these rules or another message on the revocation of this public offer. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to these Terms, in connection with which, the Buyer agrees to regularly monitor changes to the Terms posted on the Site.

2.4 The full and unconditional acceptance of these rules (public offer) is the execution by the Buyer of the Order of the Goods in the manner established on the Site. Acceptance of the offer means that the Buyer agrees to all the terms of these rules without any additional conditions, exceptions, reservations. When ordering goods through the site, the Buyer agrees to the Terms by clicking the “Place an Order” button at the last stage of placing an Order on the Site, as well as by ticking the box “I have read and agree to the site’s rules” when placing an Order. When ordering goods through an operator by phone, email, the Buyer also agrees to the Terms.

From now on, the contract of sale of goods is considered concluded on the terms specified in these Rules.

2.5 All information about the Goods is communicated to the Seller’s Website, in the technical documentation attached to the Goods, on the labels, by marking or in another way accepted for certain types of goods.

2.6 The buyer agrees not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration. If the Buyer suspects that his username and password are safe or that unauthorized use by third parties is possible, the Buyer undertakes to immediately notify the Seller about this and change the registration information in the “My Account” section.

2.7 Warranties and representations:

2.7.1 Seller is not responsible:

• for damage caused to the Buyer due to improper use of the Goods ;

•      for the Buyer’s losses arising as a result of incorrect filling in of documents, including incorrect indication of registration data when placing the Order;

•     for damage caused to the Buyer due to unlawful actions of third parties;

•      for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations, if such failure was the result of force majeure circumstances arising after the entry into force of the Rules, as a result of extraordinary events that the Parties could not foresee or prevent.

2.7.2 The buyer guarantees that:

• is not a legal entity or equivalent to a legal entity;

• the purchased product meets the intended use;

• indicated the correct delivery address ;

• indicated the correct phone number for contacts ;

• indicated the correct email address for contacts;

• other information provided by the buyer is correct and reliable;

• on their own and at their own expense ensures the security of data specified during registration, placing an order .

2.8 The Parties acknowledge that the Seller is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations to deliver the Goods appropriately if it used the Buyer’s data specified in the registration form.


3.1 Ordering Products on the online store website

3.1.1 An Order is placed by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button on the Product Card ;

3.1.2 Fill in all required fields of the Order Form;

3.1.3 Click “Confirm Order”;

3.1.4 A copy of the Order with current prices will be sent to the email address.

3.1.5 The Seller’s representative will contact the Buyer by phone call to confirm the delivery conditions.

3.1.6 After agreeing the Order with the Buyer, the Seller will prepare the Goods for transfer to the Buyer.

3.2 Ordering Items by Phone:

3.2.1 The Buyer, through the Seller’s operator (the phone for ordering the Goods is indicated on the Seller’s Website), places a Order by phone call.

3.2.2 After placing the Order, the Seller has the right to inform the Buyer about the status of the Order by sending notifications to the email address (if the Buyer will additionally provide an email address) and / or by means of a notification (if the Buyer wants to receive notifications via SMS notifications).


4.1 The price charged for the Goods is the price at the time of placing the Order and is indicated on the Seller’s Website in the description of the Goods, as well as in emails confirming receipt of the Order by the Seller.

4.2 The buyer has the right to pay for the goods in the following ways:

– payment in cash or by credit card upon receipt of the Goods (cash on delivery).

– payment by credit card on the Seller’s Website through Privat24 or WayForPay using bank cards of the following VISA, Mastercard payment systems.

For payment (entering the details of your card) you will be redirected to the appropriate payment gateways Privat24 or WayForPay. Connection to the payment gateway and information transfer is carried out in a secure mode using the SSL encryption protocol.
If your bank supports the technology of secure Internet payments Verified By Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, you may also need to enter a special password to make a payment. This site supports 256-bit encryption. The information entered will not be provided to third parties, except as otherwise provided by Ukrainian law. Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.

4.3 Confirmation of payment is either a cash receipt or another document used on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, confirming the payment of the Goods.


5.1 Delivery of goods of the terra-biona.com online store is carried out through the carrier “Nova Poshta”, throughout the territory of Ukraine, where there are offices “Nova Poshta “.

5.2 Delivery period. On average, delivery takes 2-3 business days. The deadlines for the receipt of the Order by the Buyer depend on the address and region of delivery, and are not directly dependent on the Seller. When placing an order, the Seller’s Representative will contact the Buyer and agree on the delivery date before sending the goods and provide the parcel number for tracking it.

5.3 Delivery period. On average, delivery takes 2-3 business days. The deadlines for the receipt of the Order by the Buyer depend on the address and region of delivery, and are not directly dependent on the Seller. When placing an order, the Seller’s Representative will contact the Buyer and agree on the delivery date before sending the goods and provide the parcel number for tracking it https://terra-biona.com/en/contacts/ to extend the shelf life of the Order at the “Nova Poshta” Office.


6.1 When purchasing the Goods in the terra-biona.com online store, the Buyer has the right to return or exchange the Goods of good quality within 7 (seven) days after the transfer of the Goods to the Buyer, however, the return of the Goods is possible if the consumer properties of the Goods are preserved, the Goods must be with preserved presentation, do not have traces of use.

In the event of a return, the Buyer is obligated to reimburse the Seller for the cost of delivery to the Buyer and back.

The buyer is also required to present a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the goods.

In case of a request for a refund, the Buyer is obliged to provide full bank details for the return.


7.1 Refunds for the Goods are carried out after a positive decision is made to satisfy the Buyer’s requirements to terminate the contract of sale of goods within 7 (seven) days.

7.2 Refunds are made in the following order:

  • When paying by bank transfer, a refund is made by bank transfer.
  • When paying in cash, a refund is made in cash.

The term for crediting funds to the Buyer’s settlement account is determined by the internal regulations of the issuing bank. For the delay in the crediting of funds by the issuing bank to the Buyer’s account, the Seller is not liable.

7.3 In order to return funds to a bank account (bank card), the Buyer must fill out the “Application for a refund”, requesting a sample from the seller’s operator.


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