The benefits and uses of cold-pressed oils

Cold pressed natural vegetable oils make our diet more varied and tastier. They supply substances that are not synthesized by the cells of the body. The main benefit of vegetable oil is the ability to lower cholesterol levels, prevent cancer and atherosclerosis, improve memory, and stimulate metabolic processes.

The most beneficial for the body is cold-pressed oil. It is recommended to be added to salads and consumed raw.

Sea buckthorn, pumpkin, hemp, cedar and rosehip oils are recommended to be taken in courses for ulcers, skin lesions, wounds, kidney diseases.

It is better to alternate the types of oils with each other and observe moderation, do not use more than 2-3 tablespoons of any oil per day. And don't forget that they are extremely high in calories. Use oils with caution for diabetes, problems with the cardiovascular and biliary system, and liver diseases. Some diets exclude this product altogether and do not allow any self-activity in this regard.